Benner Collection, 1920

Benner Collection, undated

Nov 30, 1918
Camp Mohawk

Dear Mother & all

Just received your letter and am sorry that I can’t get home next week end unless I am home to stay by that time which I don’t think will happen so soon, Try and send one of the cards by Thursday if you can and I will try anyway. It is out on orders that no passes are to be given under any consideration as we are all pending discharge. We are not given our discharge right away but are sent home on leave for a few months and then get our discharge if nothing else turns up.

All flying has been stopped here and a bunch of the flying cadets have gone and a lot more going Monday so our turn will come soon. I think that the camp is condemned after Dec 15th so we will be out by then sure.

That was sure a nice letter that you got from the Capt. and I am glad that he did not have to suffer. He surely must have been well liked in the battery by the way they all speak about him.

That was mighty decent of Ward giving me his $50 bond but will get even with him some day. I couldn’t imagine what the registered letter was and was sure surprised when found out.

I am glad that you like Roy so well. I was pretty sure that he would be a good fellow. I heard that Clayt. was married the other day but was not at all surprised.

Got a letter from Clayt. Haines yesterday and he said he was on a draft to France and expected to go in a few days but don’t suppose he got there as it was written the 6th and the armistice was signed the eleventh.

Best of love, Art.


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